Hallucination-focused Integrative Therapy
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Hallucination-focused Integrative Therapy

A Specific Treatment that Hits Auditory Verbal Hallucinations
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Jack A. Jenner
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Preface. Part 1: Auditory Verbal Hallucinations (AVH) in Context. Introduction. Historical Perspectives. Part 2: Need for Hallucination focused Interventions. Psychosocial Interventions. HIT (Hallucination focused Integrative Treatment). Psychosocial Interventions. HIT (Hallucination focused Integrative Treatment). Part 3: HIT in specific target groups. HIT adjustments for specific patient groups. HIT and Suicidal Patients. Part 4: Other Hallucination focused Therapies. Individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychoses (CBTp). Empowerment Movement Aiming at Understanding Voices. Voice Dialogue. Part 5: Insight-oriented Psychotherapies. Introduction. Experiential or client-centered psychotherapy (Ep). Conclusions. Appendices.
Hallucination-focused Integrative Treatment (HIT) is a specific treatment for auditory verbal hallucinations which integrates techniques from CBT, systems therapy, psychoeducation, coping training, rehabilitation and medication. It emphasises active family involvement, crisis intervention when required and specialised motivational strategies. In clinical trials HIT has been proven to have longer lasting and wider ranging effects than other therapies, high patient satisfaction scores and a low drop-out rate.In Hallucination-focused Integrative Therapy, Jack Jenner presents a full manual for using HIT with patients. Divided into five parts, the book offers a clear and straightforward explanation of each aspect of the treatment. Part One introduces auditory verbal hallucinations in their social and historical context. Part Two explains the need for an integrative approach to treating them and sets out the eleven-step diagnostic procedure. Part Three describes the treatment in full, including motivational strategies, the constituent modules and how to integrate them, flexible implementation of a tailor-made procedure and its overall effectiveness. It also demonstrates the use of HIT with specific patient groups, including those suffering from trauma, children and adolescents, those who are suicidal and those with learning difficulties. Part Four examines other hallucination-focused therapies. Finally, Part Five covers insight-oriented psychotherapies. The book also includes several appendices of supplementary material which enhance the content. Illustrated throughout with case studies and clinical material, Hallucination-focused Integrative Therapy will be of interest to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social workers working with patients who experience auditory verbal hallucinations.

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