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European Democracies

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Markus M. L. Crepaz
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Introduction and Structure of the Book
European Democracies is an introduction to the politics and governments of Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Organized thematically rather than country-by-country, this fully revised edition examines topics such as electoral systems, the European Union, refugees and the welfare state, and asks how to explain variations in policy outcomes, and how globalization is affecting European Democracies, among others. Throughout, the author treats Europe as a single but diverse entity and asks readers to compare what they learn about European politics with the politics of their own country.Key features in this new edition include:An updated thematic introduction to the politics and governments of Europe; Fully revised to include comprehensive coverage of recent electoral politics and political events in Europe, such as Brexit, the refugee crisis, and terrorist attacks; New chapters on immigration and the nature of European political culture and welfare state.New comparative sections covering topics such as political parties, and financial and political differences in governments between Europe and the USA.This key, in-depth text will be essential reading to anyone interested in European politics and comparative politics.

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