Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt
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Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt

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Sonia Zakrzewski
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@contents:Introduction Part I: The Biography of Time and Space 1. Time and Dating 2. Finding Sites 3. Topographic Survey 4. Environment and Palaeoenvironment 5. Spatial and Chronological Organization of Burial Grounds Part II: The Biography of People 6. Death and Burial 7. Activity and Occupation 8. Health and Disease 9. Diet and Subsistence 10. Clothing and Adornment 11. Migration and Mobility 12. Social Organization and Status Part III: The Biography of an Object 13. Raw Materials 14. Production 15. Distribution and Consumption 16. Deposition and Taphonomy 17. Reconstruction and Display Conclusion Glossary Methods Appendix
Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt takes an innovative and integrated approach to the use of scientific techniques and methodologies within the study of ancient Egypt. Accessibly demonstrating how to integrate scientific methodologies into Egyptology broadly, and in Egyptian archaeology in particular, this volume will help to maximise the amount of information that can be obtained within a study of ancient Egypt, be it in the field, museum, or laboratory.Using a range of case studies which exemplify best practice within Egyptian archaeological science, Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt presents both the scientific methods of analysis available and their potential applications to Egyptologists. Although Egyptology has mainly shown a marked lack of engagement with recent archaeological science, the authors illustrate the inclusive but varied nature of the scientific archaeology which is now being undertaken, demonstrating how new analytical techniques can develop greater understanding of Egyptian data.

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