Construction Law
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Construction Law

From Beginner to Practitioner
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Jim Mason
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Section 1: The Background Law 1. Legal Systems 2. The Law of Contract 3. Aspects of Commercial Law 4. Aspects from the Law of Torts 5. Aspects of the Law of Property Section 2: The Processes of Construction Law 6. Parameters of Construction Industry Practice 7. Procurement 8. Tendering and Risk Management 9. Standard Forms of Contract and Sub-Contract Section 3: Construction Contract Law 10. Construction Contract Law 11. Other Aspects of Construction Contract Law 12. Construction Law in the Wider Sense 13. Causation, the Recoverability of Damages and Global Claims 14. Delay and Disruption 15. Loss and Expense Section 4: Dispute Resolution 16. Choices for Dispute Resolution and Features of Claim Preparation 17. Mediation and other forms of ADR 18. Litigation 19. Arbitration 20. Adjudication Section 5: New Directions in Construction Law 21. The Agenda for Change 22. Ethical Improvement and the Duty of Good Faith 23. Conclusions and Future Directions
This innovative book provides a thorough and comprehensive guide to construction law by blending together black letter law and socio-legal approaches. This mixed methodology makes an ideal introduction to the subject for those studying to enter the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry in a professional capacity. Designed to equip the student with all they need to know about construction law, the topics covered include: The fundamentals of law and the English legal systemContract, business, tort and property lawProcurement, subcontracting and partneringBuilding Information Modelling and best practiceDispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, litigation and adjudicationThe books suitability for study is enhanced by its logical structure, chapter summaries and further reading lists whilst the role of law in achieving a more collaborative and less confrontational AEC industry is examined in detail. Construction Law: From Beginner to Practitioner takes the reader on a journey from basic legal concepts through to a more detailed appreciation of what the AEC needs as a specialist client for legal services. This book is useful not only for understanding the basics, but also as a reference that practitioners will use time and again.

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