Globalization and Development Volume III
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Globalization and Development Volume III

In search of a new development paradigm
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Shigeru Thomas Otsubo
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Part 4: New Development Paradigms under Globalization 21. Balancing GDP with GNH, Dasho Karma Ngawang Ura 22. Thailand: Sufficiency Economy, Green and Happy Society, Paranee Watana 23. The Current Situation and Future Challenges of China's Economy, Zuoyi Ye, Hong Zhang and Ling Zhao 24. Measurements and Determinants of Multifaceted Poverty: Absolute, Relative, and Subjective Poverty in Indonesia, Teguh Dartanto and Shigeru Otsubo 25. Decentralization in Indonesia: An Empirical Analysis of District and City Performance, Sumedi Andono Mulyo 26. Divergent and Unequal Development in Latin America: Causes and Policy Challenges, Carlos A. Mendez-Guerra 27. Islamic Finance: An Alternative Paradigm in Development Finance, Farkhanda Shamim 28. Determinants of Incidence and Depth of Poverty in Ghana: Does Development Benefit the Extreme Poor?, Eric Osei-Assibey and William Baah-Boateng 29. Africa's Quest Beyond Colonial Development Paradigms: Indigenous Technological Development, Jean-Claude Maswana Concluding Chapter 30. In Search of a New Development Paradigm: Retrospect and Prospect, Shigeru Otsubo
Globalization and Development is a "e;cross-national study"e; on the "e;interstate dispersion"e; of the impacts (on growth, inequality and poverty) that international economic integration provides to the economies of the developing countries. In order to present the "e;Leading Issues in Development with Globalization"e; in a balanced manner, to identify differences and commonalities among "e;Country Experiences"e; in development with globalization, and to introduce diversified development paradigms with forward-looking discussions "e;In Search of a New Development Paradigm"e; for the post-MDGs era, this publication consists of three volumes and four main parts.Volume III (Part IV) presents the diversified development paradigms such as the GNH (Bhutan), the sufficiency economy (Thailand), the reform and opening up paradigm (China), the African and Latin American paradigms, and the Islamic development paradigm. The Concluding Chapter presents the evolution of development paradigms in the global development cooperation community after World War II, and then offers a glimpse into new development paradigms for the post-MDG era.This book intends to serve as a unique and comprehensive guide for those in the international development community on the subjects of diversified development paradigms/paths under globalization and other challenges in the post-MDG era.

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