Autor: Adeshina Afolayan
ISBN-13: 9781137592903
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The Palgrave Handbook of African Philosophy

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¿Allows new and established scholars of African Philosophy to re-engage their own and other philosophers' ideas, arguments, and thoughts about Africa and her predicament in a global world where issues of knowledge, technologies, sexuality, hybridity, gender, neoliberalism, and terrorism have become major intellectual staplesProvides researchers, students and teachers of African Philosophy with a handy volume about the past, current states, and future possibilities of the discipline
Represents a comprehensive handbook in a field that has not had such a volume for many years
1. Introduction: Rethinking African Philosophy in the Age of Globalization
This handbook investigates the current state and future possibilities of African Philosophy, as a discipline and as a practice, vis-à-vis the challenge of African development and Africa's place in a globalized, neoliberal capitalist economy. The volume offers a comprehensive survey of the philosophical enterprise in Africa, especially with reference to current discourses, arguments and new issues-feminism and gender, terrorism and fundamentalism, sexuality, development, identity, pedagogy and multidisciplinarity, etc.-that are significant for understanding how Africa can resume its arrested march towards decolonization and liberation.
Editiert von: Adeshina Afolayan, Toyin Falola
Adeshina Afolayan holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the editor of Auteuring Nollywood (2014).

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Autor: Adeshina Afolayan
ISBN-13:: 9781137592903
ISBN: 1137592907
Erscheinungsjahr: 19.11.2017
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Seiten: 867
Sprache: Englisch
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