Autor: Thomas Bolognesi
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Modernization and Urban Water Governance

Palgrave Studies in Water Governance: Policy and Practice
Organizational Change and Sustainability in Europe
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Provides a comparative analysis of German, French and English models of urban water systems
Reveals how the principles of modernization in Europe have transformed the organizational characteristics of urban water systems

Identifies the limitations for Urban Water Systems in Europe (UWSEs) for achieving sustainability
1. Introduction.- 2. UWSEs Organization and Modernization: Similarities and Variations.- 3. UWSEs Sustainability and Modernization: Achievements and Main Challenges.- 4. The Microinstitutional Determinants of Depolitization and Resilience in UWSEs.- 5. The Macroinstituional Determinants of Depolitization and Resilience in UWSEs.- 6. Institutional Dynamics and Sustainability: The Trade-Off Between Broader Regulation.- 7. Conclusion.
This book describes the impact of modernization on the organization and sustainability of Urban Water Systems in Europe (UWSEs). Bolognesi explains that the modernization of UWSEs was a regulatory shock that began in the 1990s and was put into action with the EU Water Framework Directive in the year 2000. This process sought to reorganize water governance in order to achieve certain sustainability goals, but it fell short of expectations.Modernization and Urban Water Governance provides an update on the organization and sustainability of UWSEs, while drawing from a comparative analysis of German, French, and English water models and an institutionalist explanation of the current situation. With a focus on transaction costs, property rights allocation and institutional environments, this book argues that the modernization of UWSEs tends to depoliticize these systems and make them more resilient but also limits their potential for sustainable management.This book will be relevant to those wishing to understand the real impacts of water reform in Europe according to national contingencies.
Autor: Thomas Bolognesi
Thomas Bolognesi is a senior researcher at the University of Geneva and member of the UNESCO Chairs programme in Hydropolitics. His fields of research include political economy and institutional and organizational economics.

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Autor: Thomas Bolognesi
ISBN-13:: 9781137592545
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