Autor: Giuseppina Passiante
ISBN-13: 9781137591548
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Creating Technology-Driven Entrepreneurship

Foundations, Processes and Environments
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Foreword; Giovanni Schiuma.- 1. The Technology driven Entrepreneurship in the Knowledge Economy; Aldo Romano, Giuseppina Passiante and Pasquale Del Vecchio.- 2. Corporate Entrepreneurship: the Antecedents at the Individual and Organizational Levels in Technology-based Firms; Gianluca Elia, Alessandro Margherita and Claudio Petti.- 3. Entrepreneurial Learning Processes for Technology-driven Entrepreneurship: Assumptions and Behavioural Dynamics for an Integrative Framework; Karim Moustaghfir and Giustina Secundo.- 4. Rethinking the University System: A Strategic Roadmap towards the Entrepreneurial University Model; Giustina Secundo and Karim Moustaghfir.- 5. A process-based model for inspiring technology-driven entrepreneurship: an education perspective; Valentina Ndou, Giustina Secundo and Gioconda Mele.- 6. A Collective Intelligence Platform for Developing Technology Entrepreneurship Ecosystems; Gianluca Elia and Alessandro Margherita.- 7. Entrepreneurial learning in a network: the role of cultural values.- Federica Ceci, Francesca Masciarelli and Andrea Prencipe.- 8. Technology-driven Entrepreneurship in Emerging Regions; Claudio Petti.- 9. Technology-driven Entrepreneurship within the framework of regional development policies; Pasquale Del Vecchio and Marco De Maggio.
This book proposes a comprehensive analysis of the existing schools of thought on technology-driven entrepreneurship to point out the process-based nature of this phenomenon. It explores whether entrepreneurship can be learned and examines the main processes that help influence entrepreneurial mind-sets. In the current economic landscape, technology-driven entrepreneurship is the driving force behind national economies and entrepreneurial societies. It is the engine of innovation, job creation, productivity and economic growth, bringing benefits both at the level of the individual and of the society and promoting sustainable smart growth and development. This book provides a comprehensive view of "how" entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs learn and develop their business ventures in a wider environment. Moreover, it discusses issues concerning setting up the suitable entrepreneurial environments, processes, values and policies to encourage and foster individual entrepreneurial aptitudes. It also explores practices for developing technology-driven entrepreneurship in a European context as well as in emerging regions.
Editiert von: Giuseppina Passiante, Aldo Romano
Giuseppina Passiante is Full Professor ofInnovation Management and Technology Entrepreneurship at the University of
Salento (Lecce, Italy). Currently her research fields concern Technology
Entrepreneurship, and more specifically the experiential learning environment
encouraging enterprise and entrepreneurship capabilities, skills and

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Autor: Giuseppina Passiante
ISBN-13:: 9781137591548
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