Autor: Mark Dunford
ISBN-13: 9781137591517
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Digital Storytelling

Form and Content
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Explores digital storytelling as an interventionist form of media designed to foster inclusion and representation
1. Form and Content in Digital Storytelling: An Introduction.- 2. Practice matters in Digital Storytelling by Joe Lambert.- 3. My Story from Kibera by Marita Rainbird.- 4. One Million Life Stories by Carol Misoreli.- 5. Collaborating With Other Artforms. History in Our Hands: A Long-Term Storytelling Project With Older People by Alex Henry.- 6. Digital Storytelling in Multicultural Singapore by Angeline Koh.- 7. Digital Storytelling With Users and Survivors of the UK Mental Health System by Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner.- 8. Digital Storytelling for women's wellbeing in Turkey by Burcu Simsek.- 9. Going Beyond "the moment": Towards Making the "Preferably Unheard" Malaysian Sexual Minorities Heard by Angela M. Kuga Thas.- 10. The afterlife of Capture Wales: digital stories and their listening publics by Nicole Matthews and Karen Lewis.- 11. The ethics, aesthetics and practical politics of ownership in co-creative media by Christina Spurgeon.- 12. From the Pre-Story Space: A Proposal of a Story Weaving Method for Digital Storytelling by Akiko Ogawa and Yuko Tsuchiya.- 13. Digital stories as tools for advocacy by Camelia Crisan and Dumitru Bortun.- 14. Reconceptualising Digital Storytelling: Thinking through Audiovisual Inquiry by Darcy Alexander.- 15. Making emotional and social influence: Digital storytelling and the cultivation of creative influence by Chloë Brushwood Rose.- 16. Smiling or Smiting? - Selves, states and stories in the constitution of polities by John Hartley.- 17. Therapy, democracy and the creative practice of digital storytelling by Nancy Thumim.
This edited collection brings together academics and practitioners to explore the uses of Digital Storytelling, which places the greatest possible emphasis on the voice of the storyteller. Case studies are used as a platform to investigate questions of concept, theory and practice, and to shine an interrogative light on this emergent form of participatory media. The collection examines the creative and academic roots of Digital Storytelling before drawing on a range of international examples to consider the way in which the practice has established itself and evolved in different settings across the world.
Editiert von: Mark Dunford, Tricia Jenkins
Mark Dunford is an academic and researcher who has held senior roles in a number of UK Universities including University of Brighton, Goldsmiths and University of East London where he was an Associate Dean in the School of Arts and Digital Industries.

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Autor: Mark Dunford
ISBN-13:: 9781137591517
ISBN: 113759151X
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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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