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Intercultural Competence in Education

Alternative Approaches for Different Times
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Stresses the importance of intercultural competence in education
Foreword; Terence Lovat.- Introduction: Towards The Simultaneity Of IC?; Fred Dervin & Zehavit Gross.- PART I: ADDING TO PREVIOUS PERSPECTIVES: MAKING IC MORE EFFECTIVE?.- Chapter 1. Meta-Pragmatic Awareness And Intercultural Competence: The Role Of Reflection And Interpretation In Intercultural Mediation; Troy Mcconachy & Anthony J. Liddicoat.- Chapter 2. Intercultural Competence In Host Students? A Study Of Danish Students Facing China At Home; Ulla Egidiussen Egekvist, Niels-Erik Lyngdorf, Xiang-Yun Du & Jiannong Shi.- Chapter 3. From 'Intercultural Speaker' To 'Intercultural Reader': A Proposal To Reconceptualise Intercultural Communicative Competence Through A Focus On Literary Reading; Hild Elisabeth Hoff.- Chapter 4. Competences For Active Communication And Participation In Diverse Societies: Views Of Young People In Iceland; Hanna Ragnarsdóttir.- PART II: RENEWING INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE: BEYOND ESTABLISHED MODELS?.- Chapter 5. Intercultural Competence And The Promise Of Understanding; Giuliana Ferri.- Chapter 6. Intercultural Polyphonies Against The 'Death Of Multiculturalism': Concepts, Practices And Dialogues; Clara Sarmento.- Chapter 7. Intercultural Competence: Multi-Dynamic, Inter-Subjective, Critical And Interdisciplinary Approaches; Ribut Wahyudi.- Chapter 8. Living Intercultural Lives: Identity Performance And Zones Of Interculturality; Leah Davcheva & Richard Fay.- PART III: RENEWED INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE IN PRACTICE.- Chapter 9. An Interactive, Co-Constructed Approach To The Development Of Intercultural Understanding In Pre-Service Language Teachers; Robyn Moloney, Lesley Harbon & Ruth Fielding.- Chapter 10. Challenges Of Teaching Intercultural Business Communication In Times Of Turbulence; Annelise Ly & Kristin Rygg.- Chapter 11. Intercultural Competence: Value Dis-Embedding And Hyper-Flexibility; Karin Zotzmann.
This book explores the concept of intercultural competence, focusing specifically on education. Intercultural competence can vary depending on the field of research or the context of application and has therefore developed over recent decades. As the world becomes increasingly global intercultural competence has become even more important but it is still not practiced satisfactorily. This book highlights views which are at odds with official and orthodox positions on intercultural competence to encourage fresh approaches to intercultural competence. It will be invaluable for researchers, practitioners and students interested in the global possibilities of education.
Editiert von: Fred Dervin, Zehavit Gross
Fred Dervin is Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He also holds professorships in Australia, Canada, China, Luxembourg, Malaysia and Sweden. He is one of the most critical voices on the meanings of interculturality in education today.

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Autor: Fred Dervin
ISBN-13:: 9781137587329
ISBN: 1137587326
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