Muslims in India Since 1947
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Muslims in India Since 1947

Islamic Perspectives on Inter-Faith Relations
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Yoginder Sikand
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Muslims in India today are responding to the challenge of religious pluralism in a variety of ways. This book explores the attempts being made by scholar-activists and Muslim organisations to develop new understandings of Islam to relate to people of other faiths and to the modern nation-state, and to deal with issues such as democracy and secularism. It examines how a common predicament, characterised by a sense of siege and the perception of being an oppressed minority, is producing new expressions of Islam, some of which seek to relate to non-Muslims in terms of confrontation, and others which call for dialogue, reconciliation and inter-faith harmony.
1. Introduction 2. Asghar 'Ali Engineer 's Quest for a Contextual Islamic Theology 3. Islam and the Muslim Minority Predicament: Reflections on the Contributions of Sayyed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi 4. Peace, Dialogue and Da'wah: An Analysis of the Writings of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan 5. Islamic Voice's Agenda for the Muslims of India 6. An Islamist Approach to Inter-Faith Dialogue: The Jama'at-i Islami of India 7. Islamic Perspectives on Liberation and Dialogue: Muslim Writings in Dalit Voice 8. The 'Dalit Muslims' and the All-India Backward Muslim Morcha 9. Islam and the Dalit Quest for Liberation in Contemporary India 10. 'Now or Never!': The Inter-Faith Dialogue Project of Acharya Maulana Shams Naved 'Usmani 11. The Deendar Anjuman: Between Dialogue and Conflict 12. Islamist Activism in Contemporary India: The Students' Islamic Movement of India 13. Kashmir: From National Liberation to Islamist Jihad? 14. Glossary 15. References

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