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Asia Encounters the Internet
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The Internet is developing quicker in Asia than in any other region of the world. This book is the first comprehensive analysis of the information society in an Asian context and the impact of these technologies in Asia. These impacts are inevitably uneven and conditioned by issues of telecommunications infrastructure, government politics, cultural and social values and economic realities. The combination of original research, theoretical innovation and detailed case studies make this an important book for scholars and students in Asian studies, media studies, communication studies and sociology.
1. Asia Encounters the Internet Part 1 Perspectives and Critical Orientations 2. The State of Internet Use in Asia 3. Catching Up and Falling Behind: Inequality, IT and the Asian diaspora 4. Cyberspace, Surveillance and Social Control: The hidden face of the Internet in Asia 5. Global Technology Meets Local Environment: State attempts to control Internet content 6. Piracy, Open Source and International Intellectual Property Law Part 2 Issues and Impacts: Case studies 7. From Real to Virtual (and back again): Civil society, public sphere, and the Internet In Indonesia 8. and its Impact on Journalism and Politics in Malaysia 9. Who is Setting the Chinese Agenda? The Impact of Online Chatrooms on Party Presses in China 10. Clicking for Votes: Assessing Japanese political campaigns on the web 11. The Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Militancy and the Internet 12. Construction and Performance of Virtual Identity in the Chinese Internet 13. Opening a Pandora's Box: The cyber-activism of Japanese women 14. Support and Spewing: Everyday activities of Hindu online groups 15. Communication and Relationships in Online and Offline Worlds: A study of Singapore youths

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