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Multiculturalism, Identity and Rights

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This innovative volume brings a selection of leading political theorists to the wide-ranging debate on multiculturalism and political legitimacy. By focusing on the challenge to mainstream liberal theory posed by the surge of interest in the rights of minority groups and subcultures within states, the authors confront issues such as rights, liberalism, cultural pluralism and power relations.
Contents 1. Introduction: Bruce Haddock andPeter Sutch 2. Practical Reason and Identity: Bruce Haddock 3. Liberalism and Multiculturalism: Once More Unto the Breach: John Horton 4. What is so Different about Difference?: Andrew Vincent 5. 'Authenticity' in the Jargon of Multiculturalism: Andrew Vincent 6. Theorizing Recognition: Jonathan Seglow 7. Identity, Equality and Power: tentions in Parekh's political theory of multiculturalism: P. J. Kelly 8. The Limits of Universalism: Andrea Baumeister 9. Canadian Indigenous Peoples and the Transformation of Political Theory into Cultural Identity: Mark Francis 10.Identity, Reflection and Justification: Peri Roberts 11.Brian Barry's Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism: A liberal Nationalist Defence:Margaret Moore 12.Rights and Human Rights: Rex Martin 13. The transition from Natural Rights to the Culture of Human Rights: Davis Boucher 14. Reiterating Rights: International Society in Transition: Peter Sutch

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