Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
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Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings

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Derek Clements-Croome
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With increasing use of mobile phones and VDUs, levels of background radiation and electromagnetism are rising, particularly in the workplace and also in the home. To some extent this is unavoidable, but the level of dangers is unclear: is it trivially small, moderate or high? What are the risks of illness, and how can these be reduced to minimal or tolerable levels? Are some people more vulnerable than others? What can or should employers, building engineers and designers, product designers, workers and other members of the public do?This book, of which the chapters derive from presentations given by distinguished authorities at a major international conference, aims to present sound technical information on the whole range of key issues in a clear and accessible way.
1. Healthy Buildings. 2. Evidence for Non-thermal Electromagnetic Bio-effects. 3. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields in the Living Environment. 4. An Introduction the Naturally Occurring & the Man Made Electromagnetic Environments. 5 Mobile Phone Masts - Planning Issues on Siting. 6. Environmental Impact of Electrosmog. 7. Product Liability, Product Safety and the Precautionary Principle; Questions and Discussions. 8. What are We Exposed To? The Most Significant Exposure in the Built Environment. 9. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields. 10. Biological Effects of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. 11. Building of Radio Frequencies and Microwaves in the Build Industry. 12. Are We Measuring the Right Things? Windows, Viewpoints and Sensitivity; Questions and Discussion. 13. Biological Effects of Neutralising Vaccines; The Effects of Weak EM Fields and the Concordance Between the Two. 14. Electroclinical Syndromes - Live Wires in your Office. 15. Health Effects of High Voltage Powerlines. 16. Effects of 50Hz EMF Exposure on Mammalian Cells in Culture. 17. Electromagnetic Fields - Interactions with the Human Body. 18. Evidence to Support the Hypothesis that Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation are a Ubiquitous Universal Genotoxic Carcinogen. 19. Static Electricity in the Modern Human Environment. 20. Screen Dermatitis and Electrosensitivity: Preliminary Observations in the Human Skin. 21. Theoretical and Experimental Evidence Where Present Safety Standards Conflict with Reality. 22. The Effect of Mobile Phones on the Human Cognitive Functions; Questions and Discussion. 23. Electromagnetism and the Insurance Industry. 24. Assessing and Responding to Pre and Post Telecom Development Syndrome. 25. Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings, Questions and Discussion. 26. Exposure Guidelines to Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation - Past, Present and Future. 27. Research on Mobile Phones and Health. 28. New Site Sharing Technology for 3G and the City of Tomorrow. 29. Mobile Communications and Health. 30. Moving Beyond EMF Public Policy Paralysis; Questions and Discussion

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