War, Politics and Society in Early Modern China, 900-1795
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War, Politics and Society in Early Modern China, 900-1795

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Peter Lorge
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This comprehensive survey of Chinese military history is the only book in English to span the significant years from 900 a " 1795. Peter Lorge questions current theories on Chinaa (TM)s relationship to war, and argues that war was the most important tool used by the Chinese in building and maintaining their empire. Emphasizing the relationship between the military and politics, chapters are organised around specific military events and, Lorge argues, the strength of territorial claims and political impact of each dynasty were determined by their military capacity. Ideal as a course adoption text for Asian military studies, this is also valuable for students of Chinese studies, military studies and Chinese history.
1. Unity Through War (900-1005) 2. Empires at Peace, Empires at War, 1005-1142 3. 1142-1272, Three Empires and A Century of War 4. A Chinese Empire? (1272-1355) 5. The Chinese Conquest Dynasty, 1355-1435 6. 1435-1610, The Politics of Imperial Collapse 7. 1610-1683, A People Created for War 8. 1684-1795, The Old Man of Ten Complete Military Victories

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