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Latin Verse Satire

An Anthology and Reader
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A wide variety of texts by the Latin satirists are presented here in a fully loaded resource to provide an innovative reading of satire's relation to Roman ideology.Brimming with notes, commentaries, essays and texts in translation, this book succeeds in its mission to help the student understand the history of Latin's modern scholarly reception.Focusing on the linguistic difficulties and problems of usage, and examining aspects of meter and style necessary for poetry appreciation, the commentary places each selection in its own historical context then using essays and critical excerpt, the genre's most salient features are elucidated to provide a further understanding of its place in history.Extremely student friendly, this stands well both as a companion to Latin Erotic Elegy and in its own right as an invaluable fund of knowledge for any Latin literature scholar.
Introduction; Part 1 Texts; Chapter 1 Ennius; Chapter 2 Lucilius; Chapter 3 Horace; Chapter 4 Persius; Chapter 5 Juvenal; Part 2 Commentary; Chapter 6 Ennius; Chapter 7 Lucilius; Chapter 8 Horace; Chapter 9 Persius; Chapter 10 Juvenal; Part 3 Critical Anthology; Chapter 11 The Roman Genre of Satire and Its Beginnings, Michael Coffey; Chapter 12 Roman Satirists and Literary Criticism, W. S. Anderson; Chapter 13 The Programmatic Satire and the Method of Persius I, John Bramble; Chapter 14 Invective Against Women in Roman satire, Amy Richlin; Chapter 15 The Masks of Satire, Susanna Morton Braund; Chapter 16 The Bodily Grotesque in Roman Satire, Paul Allen Miller;

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