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Managing Britain’s Marine and Coastal Environment

Towards a Sustainable Future
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Britain's maritime tradition is well documented. The management of its marine and coastal environment is therefore of tantamount importance, and offers lessons for other nations across the world. The beginning of the new millennium marks a major, long-term turning point in the historical development of Britain's maritime interest discernible by continued diversification and intensification in the uses of the sea; unprecedented and often adverse environmental impacts engendered by these uses; and the beginning of a major effort to establish a comprehensive management system which can deal with both multiple uses and environmental impacts.This collection, featuring an impressive list of contributors, covers themes including maritime history, environmental issues, public policy, tourism, technology and resources as well as open sea development and management. It is a useful addition for those interested in geography, the environment, maritime studies and also engineering.
Introduction Part 1: The maritime world 1. Peoples of the Sea: the British maritime world Hance Smith and Jonathan Potts 2. Technology and resources Jonathan Side Part 2: The open sea 3. Oil and gas David Pinder 4. Fisheries management at the Millennium: perspectives from an island community Ian Napier 5. Ocean waste disposal: an acceptable option in the new Millennium? Martin Angel 6. UK marine science at the millennium David Pugh Part 3: The coast 7. The development of fishing communities with special reference to Scotland James Coull 8. Challenges and opportunities for coastal recreation and tourism David Johnson 9. On the edge: coastal planning and management Rhoda Ballinger 10 . Shoreline management: the next generation Jonathan Potts and David Carter 11. Designing a safeguard system for the marine environment: what do we really want? Duncan Huggett. Epilogue: putting sustainability into practice Bob Earll

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