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Thomas Hobbes and the Debate over Natural Law and Religion

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The argument laid out in this book discusses and interprets the work of Hobbes in relation to religion. It compares a traditional interpretation of Hobbes where Hobbes' use of conventional terminology when talking about natural law is seen as ironic or merely convenient despite an atheist viewpoint, with the view that Hobbes' morality is truly traditional and Christian.The book considers other thinkers of the age in tandem with Hobbes and discusses in detail his theology inspired by corporeal mechanics. The position is that there are significant senses in which Hobbes can be said to be a traditional natural law theorist.
Preface Introduction 1. On the Religious Question - part i 2. On the Religious Question - part ii 3. Hobbes and Hobbism: Philosophy and History: The Contribution to the Debate by Quentin Skinner 4. Natural Law - part i, A Minimal Case 5. Natural Law - part ii, Refining the Boundaries

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