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Feminism and ’The Schooling Scandal’

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Feminism and 'The Schooling Scandal' brings together feminist contributions from two generations of educational researchers, evaluating and celebrating the field of gender and education. The focus throughout is on the years of compulsory schooling, examining key concepts in gender and education identified and developed by international thinkers in educational feminism. Topics covered include:social class, ethnicity and sexuality in relation to experiences in school; theories and methodologies for understanding gender;pedagogy and practice in education; andthe direction of educational policy and the 'problem of boys'.Providing a comprehensive overview of contemporary research and theory emerging from 'second wave' feminism and assessing their impact on pupils and teachers in today's schools and classrooms, this book forms essential reading for anyone studying gender and education.
Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Sex Roles and Schooling Chapter 3 Social Class in Schooling Chapter 4 Ethnicity, Gender and Education Chapter 5 Sexualities and Sexual Harassment in Schools Chapter 6 Curriculum, Knowledge and Schooling Chapter 7 Schools and Boys Chapter 8 Gender and Teaching

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