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Theology as an Empirical Science

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Investigating the question 'can theology, description of the divine reality, be made truly scientific?', this book addresses logic and human knowledge alongside experimental religion. An important philosophic work by a prolific theologian also known for his later court case regarding conscientious objection, this book describes how it is possible to relate theological theory with religious experience of the divine the way that the sciences relate to human acquaintance with things and people in social experience.
Introduction: Theological Method Part 1: The Presuppositions of Theology 1. The Presuppositions of All Empirical Sciences 2. The Pertinent Results of Other Sciences 3. Human Free Agency 4. The Possibility of Immortality 5. The Fact of Sin, with its Evil Consequences 6. The Presupposition Peculiar to Theology: The Existence of God Part 2: The Empirical Data and Laws of Theology 7. Revelation in General 8. Revelation in the Person of Christ 9. Revelation in the Work of Christ 10. Revelation in the Christian Experience of Salvation 11. The Laws of Empirical Theology Part 3: Theological Theory 12. The Moral Attributes of God, and the Revelation of God to Men 13. The Metaphysical Attributes of God 14. The Relation of God to the Universe 15. Eschatological Deductions 16. The Problem of Evil (Theodicy)

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