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EU-Japan Relations, 1970-2012

From Confrontation to Global Partnership
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This book presents a comprehensive overview of EU-Japan relations from 1970 to the present. It charts developments over the period, analyses key specific areas of importance to the relationship, and concludes by assessing how the relationship is likely to develop going forward. Throughout, the book discusses the factors on both sides which motivate the relationship, including Japan's concern to secure markets for its advanced industrial products, and the factors motivating current negotiations for a deeper and more comprehensive economic and cooperative partnership.
Preface Jörn Keck, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Franz Waldenberger Introduction: Europe and Japan from the Common Market to the European Union Franz Waldenberger Part 1: EU-Japan Relations 1970 Onward 1. 1970-1982: Growing Difficulties and the GATT Procedure Michael Hardy 2. 1983-1987: Export Moderation as a Panacea or Can Japan Change? Rolf Möhler and Jan Van Rij 3. 1987-1990: Keeping Relations on an Even Keel Jörn Keck 4. 1990-1995: Cooperation - Developing the Policy Jörn Keck 5. 1990-1995: Trade and Economics - From Confrontation to Conversation Jörn Keck 6. 1996-2000: Consolidating a Mature Relationship Richard Wright 7. 2000-2010: Shaping a Common Future in the Decade of Japan - Europe Cooperation - Rhetoric and Policies Albrecht Rothacher 8. Forty Years of EU-Japan Relations: Were They Driven by Trade and Exchange Rate Concerns? Moreno Bertoldi Part 2: Case studies 9. A Long-running Dispute Finally Resolved: Reform of Japan's Liquor Tax Regime Ralph Wilkinson 10. The Elements of Consensus: Liberalising EC-Japan Passenger Car Trade in the 1990s Christopher Kendall 11. The Darker Side of Market Access: Pork-Meat Trade, Harbour Management Fund and Construction (1987-1991) Albrecht Rothacher 12. The European Community and Japan Negotiating Agriculture in the Uruguay Round Rolf Möhler 13. Exploring Common Interests: Cooperation in Science and Technology Michael Hardy and Ruprecht Niepold 14. The History and Role of EU-Japan Parliamentary Exchanges Georg Jarzembowski Part 3: Looking Forward 15. The EU-Japan Relationship in Asia Michael Reiterer 16. The Dynamics in the EU-Japan Relationship Dimitri Vanoverbeke

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