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The Philosophy of Religion in England and America

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A classic in the area, originally published in 1901, this book is a survey of the past work in the field of philosophy of religion, a conspectus of literature and comparison of methods and theologies from the Reformation to the start of the twentieth century.The Introduction part of the volume offers a classification system to explain the order of the detailed section of the book. Lesser-known theologians are covered as well as great thinkers, a deliberate choice on the part of the author. Within each chapter, types of theism are then broken down into sections on individual thinkers, or group of thinkers with a reference to their main works.
Part 1: Introduction: The Types Described Part 2: Historical: The Types Illustrated 1. Intuitional Theism 2. Demonstrative Theism, Teleological, Ontological 3. Transcendental Theism, Quasi-Transcendentalism 4. Ethical Theism (Rational) 5. Combined Speculative and Ethical Theism 6. Social Theism 7. Theism of Feeling 8. Theism of Will 9. Personal Theism 10. Intuitivism, or Mysticism 11. Composite Types 12. Quasi-Theisms 13. Revelation Only Part 3: Retrospective

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