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Forests: Market and Intervention Failures

Five case studies
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The economic value of forest. has long been recognized, but the ways in which that value is calculated and the management policies adopted in consequence have all too often resulted in overuse and irreversibledestruction. This is spectacularly obvious around the Mediterranean basin, but it is also true in northern Europe. These five case studies, commissioned by the OECD, examine failures of forest management in Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and Sweden. They look at both market and intervention policies and show how each can further the destruction of the forests, and they set out ways in which future policies can evade the mistakes of the past. Originally published in 1992
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Tables and Figures
1. Introduction Soren Wibe and Tom Jones
2. The United Kingdom Ian Bateman
3. Sweden Soren Wibe
4. Italy Massimo Florio
5. Germany Volker Bergen, Michael Behrndt, and Gerhard Pfister
6. Spain Pablo Campos Palacin
7. Index

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