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Sports Facilities and Technologies

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Developers, designers and operators are increasingly needing to create versatile sport and leisure amenities that are of lasting value to local and wider communities. Placing facilities design and operation at the heart of sports development, this book adopts a holistic approach, integrating experience in the field with collective knowledge across many different uses and technologies.Extensive use of case studies from around the world makes this book a definitive reference for practitioners and students in sports and leisure, building design and facilities management.
Part 1: Sports and Facilities 1. Sports Halls 2. Squash Courts 3. Gymnasiums 4. Dance Studios 5. Swimming Pools 6. Ice Rinks 7. Integrated Sports Facilities 8. Sports-led Urban Regeneration 9. Stadiums 10. Indoor Facilities for Outdoor Sports Part 2: Facilities Development 11. Building Regulations 12. Health and Safety 13. Feasibility, Site Selection and Investigation 14. Masterplanning, Transportation and Infrastructure 15. Building Form, Structure and Facades 16. Indoor Sports Surfaces 17. Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning 18. Electrical Installation 19. Facilities Management 20. Continuous Improvement Part 3: Technologies 21. Materials 22. Acoustics 23. Lighting 24. Communications 25. Security and Access Control 26. Stairways, Elevators and Ramps 27. Controls and Automation 28. Sustainability 29. Refurbishment 30. Recycling

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