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Religion and Theism

The Forwood Lectures Delivered at Liverpool University, 1933. Together with a Chapter on the Psychological Accounts of the Origin of Belief in God
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Four lectures on the Philosophy of Religion are included in this compact book along with an extra chapter on the psychology of belief in God. In a search for an acceptable theism, the author examines religious faith and human personality via many theories and facets of thinking, referring to psychologists, theologians and philosophers who have battled with similar questions. Originally published a year after the lectures were presented, this is an interesting classic volume by a well-known theorist of the early Twentieth Century.
1. The Notion of Religion and the Idea of God 2. Religion Without Theism: Naturalism 3. Religion Without Theism: Humanism 4. Psychological Accounts of the Origin of Belief in God 5. A Vindication of Theism

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