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The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching

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An effective coach can help the business leader make sense of the challenges and complexities of modern international business, unlocking the potential of both leader and organization. This important new handbook offers the first comprehensive and detailed introduction to the theory and practice of international business coaching, drawing on the very latest academic research, as well as real-world examples of international best practice. This book provides practitioners and students with an innovative theoretical framework, which extends existing coaching models to place coaching within cultural, organizational and group-team contexts. Contributors from around the world explore different perspectives and practices and offer practical tools to apply the theories and models to the real-life business context.The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching is essential reading for all trainee business coaches, all students of coaching theory and method, and for all business leaders looking to understand better the role of the modern business coach.
Introduction (Michel C. Moral, Geoffrey Abbot and Danièle Darmouni) Section 1: International Coaching Frameworks and Tools 1. Considerations on the Emergence of Organizational Coaching: International Perspectives (Michel C. Moral and Sabine K. Henrichfreise) 2. Integral Coaching: Cultivating a Cultural Sensibility through Executive Coaching (Hilary Armstrong) 3. Coaching to Hidden Frames: Facilitating Transformational Change in Complex Environments (L. Michael Hall, Michelle Duval and Omar Salom) 4. Identity, Liminality and Development: An Intrapersonal View of Intercultural Sensitivity (David B. Drake) 5. Ontological Coaching: Intercultural Coaching and Trust (Julio Olalla and the Newfield Community) 6. Coaching for Emotional Intelligence in International Business Environments: Challenges and Opportunities (Geetu Bharwaney and Ari Jokilaakso) 7. Coaching International Leaders to Succeed Collectively: The Re-Genesis of Collective Intelligence, Our Genuine Capacity of Collectively Creating our Future (Sabine K. Henrichfreise) 8. The Heart of Cross-Cultural Creation: Inclusion and Presence that Produce Something Greater (Danièle Darmouni and Margaret A. Krigbaum) 9. Stimulating Adversarial Growth in Cultural Uncertainty: A Survival Guide for International Executives and their Coaches (Eddie Lievrouw) 10. Fostering Individual and Collective Development Using the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF(TM)) Assessment (Philippe Rosinski) 11. Intercultural Coaching Tools: A Constructivist Approach (Monika Verhulst and Rebecca Sprengel) Section 2: Organizational Challenges and Opportunities - Individual 12. Coaching Expatriate Executives: Working in Context across the Affective, Behavioral and Cognitive Domains (Geoffrey Abbot and Bruce W. Stening) 13. Couples Coaching for Expatriate Couples: A Sound Investment for International Businesses (Andrew L. Miser and Martha F. Miser) 14. Coaching Women Managers in Multinational Companies (Katrina Burrus) 15. Coaching Managers in Multinational Companies: Myths and Realities of the Global Nomadic Leader (Katrina Burrus) Section 3: Organizational Challenges and Opportunities - Collective 16. When Far East Meets West: Seeking Cultural Synthesis through Coaching (Ho Law, Leon Laulusa and Grace Cheng) 17. Executive Team Coaching in Multinational Companies (Michel C. Moral) 18. Coaching with Global Virtual Teams: An Action Research Perspective (Geoffrey Abbot) 19. Interactive Consulting with Corporate Ventures (Jean-Marc Loeser and Katrina Burrus) 20. Executive Coaching through Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: A Powerful Yet Under-Utilized Intervention (Geoffrey Abbot) 21. International Coaching: A Global Human Resources Perspective (Marie-Brigitte Bissen, Judith Chapman, Paul-Michael Schonenberg and Rita Knott) 22. Choosing Coaches for International Business Leaders?: Qualities and Characteristics (Geoffrey Abbot and Chip McFarlane) Conclusion (Michel C. Moral and Geoffrey Abbot)

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