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Waste and Environmental Policy

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This research deals with the increasingly complex issues of waste generation, waste management and waste disposal that in less developed industrialised countries present diverse but critical concerns. It takes a socio-economic and policy-oriented perspective and provides empirical evidence at EU and regional level. The EU and Italy are taken as relevant case studies given the disparities in environmental performances between less and more developed areas. The rich and various empirical evidence shows that a robust delinking between waste generation and economic growth is still not present, thus future policies should directly address the problem at the source by targeting waste generation in EU countries. Some structural factors like population density and urbanisation present themselves as relevant drivers of both waste management and landfill diversion. Nevertheless, economic and structural factors alone are not sufficient to improve waste performances. Though waste policies are to be redesigned by covering the entire area of waste management, some first signals of policy effectiveness are arising. This work will be of most interest to those students of environmental economics and environmental sciences, as well as policy makers, waste utility managers and companies in the waste management sector.
Introduction Massimiliano Mazzanti and Anna Montini Part 1: Waste Generation, Waste Management and Waste Disposal: Macroeconomic Analyses on Delinking and Policy Effectiveness 1. Delinking and Environmental Kuznets Curves for Waste Indicators in Europe: Evidence on Municipal Solid Waste and Packaging Waste Massimiliano Mazzanti and Roberto Zoboli 2. Waste Generation and Waste Disposal: Evidence on Socio-Economic and Policy Drivers in the EU Massimiliano Mazzanti, Francesco Nicolli and Roberto Zoboli 3. Municipal Waste: Generation, Management and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Frits Møller Andersen, Mette Skovgaard and Helge Larsen 4. The Drivers of MSW Generation, Disposal and Recycling: Examining OECD Inter-country Differences Katia Karousakis Part 2: Waste Generation, Waste Management and Landfill Diversion: Policy-oriented and Regionally Based Analyses from Italy 5. Municipal Waste Generation, Socio-economic Drivers and Waste Management Instruments: Regional and Provincial Panel Data Evidence from Italy Massimiliano Mazzanti Anna Montini and Roberto Zoboli 6. Embedding Landfill Diversion in Economic, Geographical and Policy Settings: Regional and Provincial Evidence from Italy Massimiliano Mazzanti, Anna Montini and Francesco Nicolli 7. Reducing Uncertainty in the Monetary Assessment of Environmental Liabilities from Waste Landfilling Tiziana Cianflone and Kris Wernstedt 8. Separation of Organic Waste and Composting: European Policies and Local Choices Massimiliano Volpi

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