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World at the Crossroads

Towards a sustainable, equitable and liveable world
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Thirty years ago the Russell-Einstein Manifesto warned humanity that our survival is imperilled by the risk of nuclear war.In the spirit of that Manifesto, we now call on all scientists to expand our concerns to a broader set of interrelated dangers: destruction of the environment on a global scale, and denial of basis needs for a growing majority of humankind. The Dagomys Declaration (1988) of the Pugwash Council. Originally published in 1994
1. Food and Energy2. Sustainable, Equitable Economics
3. The Personal Energy Budget
Hans-Peter Darr
4. Understanding Biofuel Dynamics in Developing Countries
The Need for the Local Context
Omar Masera and Priya Deshingkar
5. The Value of Indigenous Knowledge
The Case of Water and Soil Conservation Ecosystems in Sri Lanka
D L 0 Mendis
Politics and Society
6. The Roots of Unsustainability
Colonization in Space and Time
Franck Amalric and Tariq Banuri
Building a Sustainable Food System
Anne H Ehrlich
Energy Constraints on Sustainable Development Paths
Wouter Biesiot and Henk Mulder
7. People's Empowerment: A Condition for a Sustainable, Equitable and Liveable World?
Grazia Borrini Feyerabend
8. Improving Health: A Key Factor in Sustainable Development
Andrew Haines
9. The Relevance of Military Expenditures to Sustainable and Equitable Development
Samuel E Okoye
10. The Power Politics of Sustainability, Equity and Liveability
Jaap de Wilde
11. Can Sodeties be Changed Quickly Enough?
Robert A Hinde
12. Summary and Recommendations
Philip B Smith and Samuel E Okoye

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