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Cyber-Conflict and Global Politics

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This volume examines theoretical and empirical issues relating to cyberconflict and its implications for global security and politics.
1 Introduction: New Media and the Reconfiguration of Power in Global Politics Athina Karatzogianni Part I Transforming Media and Global Conflict 2. War and the New Media Paradox Hall Gardner 3. The Internet as a weapon of war? Some thoughts on radicalization Ben O'Louglin and Andrew Hoskins 4. Transparency and accountability in the age of cyberpolitics: the role of blogs in framing conflict Maria Touri Part II Global Security and Information warfare 5. Web activism as an element of global security Michael Dartnell 6. Computer-based information warfare across the Taiwan Strait Gary Rawnsley 7. Information warfare operations and the concept of self-defense Dimitris Delibasis PART III Ethno/religio/cultural Cyber Conflicts 8. The Internet and Militant Jihadism: Global to Local Re-imaginings Frazer Egerton 9. How small are small numbers in cyberspace? Athina Karatzogianni 10. Rivalry in cyberspace and virtual contours of a new conflict zone: The Sri-Lankan case Harinda Vidanage 11. Feminist solidarity and the cybercrusade: The Women in Black Movement and the 16th Day Activism against gender violence Zinthiya Ganespachan PART IV Socio/politico/economic Cyber Conflicts 12. Electronic Civil Disobedience and Symbolic Power Graham Meikle 13. Decentralization and Communication: Email lists and the organizing process of the European Social Forum Anastasia Kavada 14. Some notes on the social antagonism in netarchical capitalism Michel Bauwens

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