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Handbook of the Sociology of Medical Education

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The Handbook of the Sociology of Medical Education provides a contemporary introduction to this classic area of sociology by examining the social origin and implications of the epistemological, organizational and demographic challenges facing medical education in the twenty-first century. Beginning with reflections on the historical and theoretical foundations of the sociology of medical education, the collection then focuses on current issues affecting medical students, the profession and the faculty, before exploring medical education in different national contexts. Leading sociologists analyze: the intersection of medical education and social structures such as gender, ethnicity and disability; the effect of changes in medical practice, such as the emergence of evidence-based medicine, on medical education; and the ongoing debates surrounding the form and content of medical curricula. By examining applied problems within a framework which draws from social theorists such as Pierre Bourdieu, this new collection suggests future directions for the sociological study of medical education and for medical education itself.
1. Introduction: The Struggle over Medical Knowledge, Caragh Brosnan and Bryan S. Turner PART 1: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES 2. The Hidden Curriculum: A Theory of Medical Education, Frederic W. Hafferty and Brian Castellani 3. From Classification to Integration: Bernstein and the Sociology of Medical Education, Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont 4. Pierre Bourdieu and the Theory of Medical Education: Thinking 'Relationally' about Medical Students and Medical Curricula, Caragh Brosnan PART 2: KEY ISSUES: MEDICAL STUDENTS AND MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE 5. The Medical School Culture, Heidi Lempp 6. Gender and Medical Education, Elianne Riska 7. The Inclusion of Disabled People in Medical Education, Gary L. Albrecht 8. The Status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Biomedical Education: Towards a Critical Engagement, Alex Broom and Jon Adams 9. Evidence-based Medicine and Medical Education, Stefan Timmermans and Neetu Chawla 10. Crisis or Renaissance? A Sociology of Anatomy in UK Medical Education, Samantha Regan de Bere and Alan Petersen 11. Bioethics and Medical Education: Lessons from the United States, Carla C. Keirns, Michael Fetters and Raymond De Vries 12. Sociology in Medical Education, Graham Scambler 13. Epistemology, Medical Science, and Problem-based Learning: Introducing an Epistemological Dimension into the Medical School Curriculum, Margot L. Lyon PART 3: MEDICAL EDUCATION IN NATIONAL CONTEXTS 14. Medical Education and the American Healthcare System, William C. Cockerham 15. Tomorrow's Doctors, a Changing Profession: Reformation in the UK Medical Education System, Oonagh Corrigan and Ian Pinchen 16. The Challenges to Achieving Self-sufficiency in Canadian Medical Education, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault and Jennifer Aylward 17. Innovations in Medical Education: European Convergence, Politics and Culture, Fred C.J. Stevens

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