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Human Security in East Asia

Challenges for Collaborative Action
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Since the end of the Cold War the number of interstate wars has remained relatively low, although whilst states may be more secure than ever this does not mean that individual human beings are too. This has led to a growing recognition of the importance of human security, in contrast to the traditional realist focus on state security. This book explores human security in East Asia, focusing in particular on the challenges to collaboration among actors involved in the process of human security promotion. It examines the theoretical complexities of conceptual arguments about human security, drawing on the ideas of scholars from Asia and the West, to provide a global perspective on what causes human insecurity and how security can best be achieved. It considers in detail case studies of military interventions in East Asia, in particular East Timor, and assesses how successful collaborative efforts have been in providing human security. It also explores case studies of non-military intervention, including international criminal justice in Cambodia and East Timor. It discusses the relationship of regional great powers such as China and Japan to human security promotion, arguing that it will be better served if these powers engage less in the traditional game of geopolitics and if human security objectives do not work against actors' interests. It shows how interventions to uphold human security have not always succeeded to the extent that was hoped, despite the best of intentions, and considers how improved collaboration can be achieved, so that future interventions enjoy more consistent success.
Introduction: Collaborative Action Problems in Human Security Sorpong Peou Part 1: Human Security: Theoretical & Conceptual Contentions 1. Critical Challenges for Globalism in Human Security Studies Sorpong Peou 2. The Western Intellectual Roots of Human Security Richmond Oliver 3. East vs. West? Debate & Convergence on Human Security Akiko Fukushima 4. Southeast Asia's Points of Convergence On International Intervention Mely Caballero-Anthony Part 2: Collaborative Action on Human Security in East Asia 5. Human Security in Extremis: East- Asian Reactions to the Responsibility to Protect Paul M. Evans 6. East Asia's Challenges to & Changes in The Peace Operations in East Timor Maiko Ichihara 7. The Limits of Collaborative Action on International Criminal Justice in East Asia Sorpong Peou 8. The Neo-liberalization of Security & Violence in Cambodia Simon Springer. Conclusion: Human Security & Policy Implications For Future Collaborative Action

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