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Sustainability and Health

Supporting Global Ecological Integrity in Public Health, Academic/professional/technical: Undergraduate. Academic/professional/technical: Postgraduate. Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Radical changes in the biosphere and human interaction with the environment are increasingly impacting on the health of populations across the world. Diseases are crossing the species barrier, and spreading rapidly through globalised transport systems. From new patterns of cancer to the threat of global pandemics, it is imperative that public health practitioners acknowledge the interdependence between the sustainability of the environment and the sustainability of the human species* Why are issues of global and local sustainability of increasing impotance to the public's health?* Why do issues of sustainability require new practices within the professions of public health?* How can future and current public health practitioners develop those new practices?Drawing on scientific evidence of global and local environmental changes, Sustainability and Health offers a thorough background and practical solutions to the overlapping issues in environment and health. It examines potential and existing responses to global and local environment and health issues involving individuals, community, industry and government. The authors introduce a range of emerging conceptual frameworks and theoretical perspectives, link IT and epidemiology and explain how scoping can link program design, delivery, data collection and evaluation in projects from their very beginning. Public health practitioners need to be able to manage health issues that cut across environmental, economic and social systems and to develop the capacity for leadership in facilitating change. Incorporating learning activities, readings, international case studies and an open learning approach, this is a valuable resource for students of public and environmental health, as well as medical, environmental and health science professionals.
Prologue: The Way In * Living: Public Health and the Future of Life on the Planet * Listening: Co-ordinating Ideas on Sustainability and Health * Grounding: Co-ordinating Contexts for Sustainability and Health * Knowing: Linking the Knowledge Cultures of Sustainability and Health * Scoping: Designing and Monitoring Sustainability and Health Programs * Acting: Practitioners as Actors for Sustainability and Health * Innovating: Practitioners as Innovators for Sustainability and Health * Managing: Public Health Leadership and Management for Sustainability * Epilogue: The Way Forward * Index

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