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Himalayan Frontiers of India

Historical, Geo-Political and Strategic Perspectives
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The Himalaya, which is a great natural frontier for India, symbolises India's spiritual and national consciousness. The Himalayan region displays wide diversity of cultural patterns, languages, ethnic identities and religious practices. Along the Himalayas converge the boundaries of South and Central Asian countries, which lend a unique geopolitical and geo-strategic importance to this region. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of historical, geo-political and strategic perspectives on the Himalayan Frontiers of India. Drawing on detailed analyses by academics and area specialists, it explains the developments in and across the Himalayas and their implications for India. Topics such as religious extremism, international and cross border terrorism, insurgency, drugs and arms trafficking are discussed by experts in their respective field. Himalayan Frontiers of India will be of interest to scholars in South and Central Asian studies, International Relations and Security Studies.
Preface: Himalayan Frontiers of India - Some Perspectives K. Warikoo Part 1: 1. India's Gateway to Central Asia: Trans-Himalayan Trade and Cultural Movements Through Kashmir and Ladakh, 1846-1947 K. Warikoo 2. Great Game on Kashmir Frontiers K. Warikoo 3. Gilgit Dimension of Kashmir Frontier P. N. Jalali Part 2: 4. India's Himalayan Frontier: Strategic Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century Vijay Kapur 5. Strategic Dimensions of the Trans-Himalayan Frontiers Afsir Karim 6. Ceasefire Line and LoC in Jammu and Kashmir: Evolution of a Border Sat Paul Sahni 7. Northern Areas of Jammu and Kashmir B. Raman 8. Jammu and Kashmir: Contours and Challenges of Cross Border Terrorism M.M. Khajooria 9. The Rise of the Islamists and the Kashmir Frontier E.N. Rammohan 10. Tibet and the Security of Indian Himalayan Belt P. Stobdan 11. India-Nepal Open Border: Interlinkages, Issues and Problems B.C. Upreti 12. Indo-Bhutan Relations: Strategic Perspectives Rajesh Kharat 13. Security of Northeast Himalayan Frontiers: Challenges and Response Bibhuti Bhushan Nandy 14. Security of Himalayan Frontiers: Role of Science and Technology, Modern Air Surveillance and Remote Sensing Vinod Patney

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