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Global Perspectives in the Geography Curriculum

Reviewing the Moral Case for Geography
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'For geographers across the globe this book provides the arguments for a return to the teaching of geography and why they should reject the politicisation of the subject by education policy makers and politicians. Standish's careful critique shows the necessity of a depoliticised geography curriculum the irony of which would be that it would ensure that every child could point to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan on a map.' Prof. Dennis Hayes - Oxford Brookes University, UK'A prescient and critical analysis of the changing face of geographyteaching. This book deserves to be widely read and debated. Alex Standish's book puts current trends in geography teaching in historical and critical context. It comprises a forthright and timely defence of geographical education for its own sake.'Dr Jim Butcher, FRSA, Department of Sport Science, Tourism and Leisure, Canterbury Christ Church University.Since the early 1990s, educational policy makers and some subject leaders have been seeking to fundamentally change the teaching of geography in UK and US schools, from a subject which encourages students to explore spatial concepts, ideas and skills, to a more ethics based subject concerned with the promotion of environmentalism, cultural diversity and social justice. In this book the new approach is critically examined, within a historical and ideological context, addressing a number of fundamental questions:Should geography be used as a tool for the delivery of citizenship ideals? How does this affect the intellectual and moral value of geographical education for young people?If the state and teachers are taking more responsibility for the values, attitudes and emotional responses of students, how will they learn to develop these qualities for themselves?If global perspectives shift the focus of education from learning about the outside world to learning about the self, what is its vision of social progress and conception of social change?This book advocates a return to liberal models of education, arguing that the new approach to geography currently being promoted for schools fundamentally undermines the educational value of the subject, and the freedom of young people to shape the world in which they live.A vital resource for teachers and student teachers alike, Global Perspectives in the Geography Curriculum
Introduction 1. The Evolution of a Discipline and its Instrumental Applications 2. Geography's Ethical Turn 3. From Counter-Cultural Movement to Global Values in the US Geography Curriculum 4. Global Citizenship and the Geography Curriculum in England and Wales 5. The Geography of Culture or Respecting Cultural Diversity? 6. Approaches to Teaching Global Issues 7. Global Issues in the Geography Curriculum 8. Global Advocacy and the Cosmopolitan Citizen in the Curriculum (with contributing material from Vanessa Pupavac) Conclusion

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