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International Organizations in Global Environmental Governance

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This book provides a comparative study of the role of international organizations in environmental governance. Whilst a growing body of literature considers global governance in a number of policy areas, this volume delivers one of the first comprehensive accounts of international organizations in relation to environmental policy.Providing the reader with key insights within this area of global governance, the book focuses on policies developing in relation to climate change, biodiversity and international environmental funding. Presenting a compelling and up-to-date account of developments within this burgeoning policy area, the volume: includes a range of case studies including the World Bank, UNEP and the OECD presents quantitative and qualitative research that advances understanding of international organizations in the field of international relations delivers contributions from a range of internationally renowned academics and specialists within the fieldInternational Organizations in Global Environmental Governance will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations theory, international economics, environmental policy, organizational theory and environmental studies.
1. Global Environmental Governance and International Organizations: Setting the Stage Frank Biermann, Bernd Siebenhüner, and Anna Schreyögg Part 1: Intergovernmental Organizations 2. The Impact of International Organizations on the Environment: An Empirical Analysis Axel Dreher and Magdalena Ramada y Galán Sarasola 3. Setting Standards for Responsible Banking: Examining the Role of the International Finance Corporation in the Emergence of the Equator Principles Christopher Wright 4. OECD Peer Reviews and Policy Convergence: Diffusing Policies or Discourses? Markku Lehtonen 5. Socialisation, the World Bank Group and Global Environmental Governance Susan Park 6. The European Union and the 'External' Dimension of Sustainable Development. Ambitious Promises but Disappointing Outcomes? Camilla Adelle and Andrew Jordan Part 2: International Environmental Programmes and Secretariats 7. The Role of the United Nations Environment Programme in the Coordination of Multilateral Environmental Agreements Steinar Andresen and Kristin Rosendal 8. UNEP as Anchor Organization for the Global Environment Maria Ivanova 9. Treaty Secretariats in Global Environmental Governance Steffen Bauer, Per-Olof Busch, and Bernd Siebenhüner Part 3: New Private-Public Hybrid Organizations 10. International Organizations Inc. Patterns of Environmental Partnerships Liliana B. Andonova 11. Private Governance Organizations in Global Environmental Politics: Exploring their Influences Philipp Pattberg 12. Agility and Resilience: Adaptive Capacity in Friends of the Earth International and Greenpeace Vanessa Timmer 13. International Organizations in Global Environmental Governance: Epilogue Bernd Siebenhüner and Frank Biermann

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