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Sex Offenders in the Community

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This book explores current criminal justice responses to the management of individuals who are convicted of sexual offences. It aims to help policy-makers, practitioners and students to develop an informed position on this complex and increasingly controversial issue. Although the focus is primarily upon the UK context, contributions from North America (USA and Canada) provide an important comparative perspective.
Contents Preface 1 Setting some boundaries: rethinking responses to sex offenders (Amanda Matravers, University of Cambridge) 2 Serious sexual assault: using history and statistics (Keith Soothill, Lancaster University) 3 The legislative framework (Cathy Cobley, Cardiff University) 4 Disclosing information on sex offenders: the human rights implications (Helen Power, University of Glamorgan) 5 Sex offenders, risk penality and the problem of disclosure to the community (Hazel Kemshall, De Montfort University, and Mike Maguire, Cardiff University) 6 Interpreting treatment performance of sex offenders (Michael Seto, Center for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto) 7 The Machiavellian sex offender (David Thornton, Sand Ridge Treatment Center, Mauston, Wisconsin) 8 The role of the polygraph (Don Grubin, Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 9 Adolescents who sexually abuse (Rowland Coombes) 10 Developing multi-agency public protection arrangements (Tim Bryan and Paddy Doyle, National Probation Directorate) 11 Joined-up worrying: the Multi-Agency Public Protection Panels (Roxanne Lieb, Washington State Institute for Public Policy, USA) 12 Challenges for the police service (Terence Grange, Chief Constable, Dyfed Powys Police) Index

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