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Improving the Context for Inclusion

Personalising Teacher Development through Collaborative Action Research
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This timely book addresses the need for increasing multi-agency capacity in schools, as the success of initiatives such as 'Every Child Matters' or 'personalised learning' depends on teachers understanding the challenges faced by young people in learning effectively and happily in their school. The authors of this thought-provoking book present and analyse case studies of collaborative action research, illustrating what is needed in practice for teachers to engage with inclusion for the benefit of their pupils and themselves. The essential elements of success with inclusion are revealed, including:the importance of identifying issues that teachers see as relevant;how teachers can achieve meaningful collaboration in addressing the issues; the necessity of paying careful attention to the consequences of the changes that they make;incorporating practical considerations such as critical support from outsiders;the role of facilitators such as educational psychologists in working with groups of teachers to support their development through action research;how to facilitate change through making use of resources that are already available in the education system. Improving the Context for Inclusion is fascinating reading for all students of education, especially those with an interest in inclusion. Teachers, school leaders and those working in education services will gain an invaluable insight in to how to create an inclusive school environment.
Part I: What is the Issue? 1. Inclusion is a challenge 2. Teachers are the solution Part II: What Does the Research Tell Us? 3. Action research for inclusion 4. What helps teachers? 5. What is the impact for pupils? 6. What makes effective facilitation? Part III: What are the Implications? 7. Conclusion: Improving the Context for Inclusion

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