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Jean Baudrillard

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Jean Baudrillard is one of the most controversial theorists of our time, famous for his claim that the Gulf War never happened and for his provocative writing on terrorism, specifically 9/11. This new and fully updated second edition includes:an introduction to Baudrillard's key works and theories such as simulation and hyperreality coverage of Baudrillard's later work on the question of postmodernism a new chapter on Baudrillard and terrorism engagement with architecture and urbanism through the Utopie group a look at the most recent applications of Baudrillard's ideas. Richard J. Lane offers a comprehensive introduction to this complex and fascinating theorist, also examining the impact that Baudrillard has had on literary studies, media and cultural studies, sociology, philosophy and postmodernism.
Why Baudrillard? Key Ideas 1. Beginnings: French Thought in the 1960's. 2. The Technological System of Objects. 3. Narrative of Primitivism: The `Last Real Book.' 4. Reworking Marxism. 5. Simulation and the Hyperreal. 6. America and Postmodernism. 7. Writing Strategies: Postmodern Performance. 8. Baudrillard and Terrorism. After Baudrillard Works Cited

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