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Britain’s New Towns

Garden Cities to Sustainable Communities
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The New Towns Programme of 1946 to 1970 was one of the most substantial periods of urban development in Britain. The New Towns have often been described as a social experiment; so what has this experiment proved?This book covers the story of how these towns came to be built, how they aged, and the challenges and opportunities they now face as they begin phases of renewal. The new approaches in design throughout their past development reflect changes in society throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. These changes are now at the heart of the challenge of sustainable development.The New Towns provide lessons for social, economic and environmental sustainability. These lessons are of great relevance for the regeneration of twentieth century urbanism and the creation of new urban developments today.
Introduction 1. The New Towns in a New Light Part 1: Planning the New Towns 2. A Bit of a Bombshell 3. The Early New Towns 4. The Later New Towns 5. The Origin of the New Towns Concept Part 2: Building the New Towns 6. The Formulation of the New Towns Programme 7. Principles of New Town Design 8. A Leap into the Unknown Part 3: Living in the New Towns 9. Criticisms of the New Towns 10. How the New Towns Grew Old 11. New Towns in the Age of Sustainable Communities

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