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US-Israeli Relations in a New Era

Issues and Challenges after 9/11
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This book examines in depth the fundamental problems, factors and issues in current US-Israeli relations, which will have implications both for the Middle East and for world peace and prosperity. The US and Israel have established an exceptional relationship, which has significant effects on events and processes in the entire Middle East. Israel depends on the US for military hardware, for support against hostile international organizations, and for economic and financial aid. In turn, it is viewed by the US as a strong and reliable ally, and the US has adopted strategic concepts that for decades have governed Israel's national security, such as pre-emptive strikes and counter-terrorist strategies. However, politicians and scholars have accused Israel and pro-Israeli organizations of exerting too much influence on US policy in the Middle East. Here, a collection of international experts present original research and findings on a wide variety of critical bilateral and regional issues in American-Israeli relations, approaching the topics from both theoretical and practical angles.
I. Introduction II. The Strategic Landscape 1. US Management of Middle East War and Peace: Between Defensive Realism and Offensive Liberalism Benny Miller 2. US-Israel Relations in the post-Cold War Era: The View from Jerusalem Efraim Inbar III. Domestic Sources 3. The Public Dimension of US-Israel Relations: A Comparative Analysis Eytan Gilboa 4. AIPAC and US Middle East Policy Mitchell Bard 5. American Jewish Demography: Implications for US-Israel Relations Ira Sheskin 6. American Christian Support for Israel Paul Charles Merkley IV. Foreign Policy Issues 7. A War for Israel? Israel and the War in Iraq Dov Waxman 8. The US and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process: Conflict Management vs. Conflict Resolution Jonathan Rynhold 9. Between President, Congress, and the Courts: America's Non-recognition of Jerusalem Shlomo Slonim V. Multi-Lateral Dimensions 10. Transatlantic Relations and the Middle East: Beyond Policy Disagreements? Emanuele Ottolenghi 11. India, Israel, and the US Factor Cherian Samuel 12. Turkey, Israel, and American Hegemony Amikam Nachmani VI. Looking Ahead 13. The Future of US-Israel Relations P. Edward Haley

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