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Housing and Health in Europe

The WHO LARES project
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In this cross-disciplinary research David Ormandy and expert contributors explain the nature and development of the World Health Organization's study of housing across Europe. In-depth analysis provides new evidence of links between the health of inhabitants and their housing conditions, with focus on critical topics such as:indoor air pollutionthe effect of cold homes and dampnessnoise effectsdomestic accidents.With practical examples of survey tools, the attention given to methodological approaches makes this text an important resource for policy professionals as well as housing, planning and public health academics.
1. Background and Introduction 2. The Cities 3. The Surveys 4. The Results 5. Scores and Conventions 6. Indoor Air Pollution, Asthma and Allergic Diseases 7. Damp, Mould and Health 8. The Effect of Cold Homes on Health 9. Residential Energy Systems 10. Safety and Fear of Crime 11. Housing and Mental Health 12. Building Quality of Life Related Housing Scores 13. Residential Environmental Quality and Quality of Life 14. The Health Relevance of the Immediate Housing Environment 15. Noise Effects and Morbidity 16. Domestic Accidents

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