Prison Governors
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Prison Governors

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Shane Bryans
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This book provides the first systematic study of prison governors, a hidden and powerful, but much neglected, group of criminal justice practitioners. Its focus is on how they carry out their task, how that has changed over time and how their role has evolved. The author, himself a former prison governor, explains how prison governors have changed under external pressures, and examines a number of the factors that have been influential in changing their working environment in particular the changing status of prisoners and the development of the concept of prisoners rights, the increasing scrutiny of the press and politicians, competitive elements introduced by privatization of the penal institutions, and the introduction of risk management approaches. Based on extensive research, including interviews with 42 prison governors, this book also explores a number of important biographical factors. The author describes the demographic characteristics of the sample of governors interviewed, including their social origins, educational and occupational backgrounds, their reasons and motivation for joining the prison service, their career paths, and also explores their values and beliefs. In the light of the findings of this study the author also makes a number of important suggestions for changes that should be made to policy and practice, and explores the implications for how our prisons should be governed in the future.
1. Introduction - Governors and the Prison System. Why study Governors - a neglected breed?. Purpose and structure of the book. Studying a criminal justice elite. Governors and their role in the prison system. Understanding what Governors do 2. Early Governors: from gaolers to reformers. Gaolers and keepers (before 1779). Gentlemen Governors (1779-1876). Administrator Governors (1877-1945). Reforming Governors (1946-1962) 3. Modern Governors: from administrators to executives. Prison Department Governors (1963-1978). Prison managers (1979-1986). Chief executives (1987-1997). Some themes from history 4. Governing in a changed context. Prisoners' rights and expectations. Politics, the media and prisons. Privatisation and market testing. Risk management and actuarial approaches. New Public Management 5. Today's Governors - origins, career paths, ideologies and culture. Demographic and family background. Education and previous occupation. Motivation for joining the Prison Service. Ideology - values, beliefs and goals. Prison Governor culture. Today's Governors 6. Governing Prisons - the reality. The Governors' role and duties. General management and leadership. Prison specific roles and duties. Stakeholder power and impact. Multiple and conflicting roles. Variations in management style and approach. Institutional influences. Ideology, ethics and values 7. Prison governance - some conclusions. Variations on a theme: a typology of Governors. Changes to Governors' work and approach. The continuing significance of the Governor. Prison management theory. Sui generis revisited 8. Prisons, governance and research - looking to the future implications for policy and practice. What next? Suggestions for future research. Some final thoughts - Governing in the future. Appendix A: Typical management structure in a prison

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