Arabic-English-Arabic-English Translation
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Arabic-English-Arabic-English Translation

Issues and Strategies
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Ronak Husni
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Arabic-English-Arabic-English Translation: Issues and Strategies is an accessible coursebook for students and practitioners of Arabic-English-Arabic translation. Focusing on the key issues and topics affecting the field, it offers informed guidance on the most effective methods to deal with such problems, enabling users to develop deeper insights and enhance their translation skills. Key features include:A focus on Arabic-English translation in both directions, preparing students for the real-life experiences of practitioners in the fieldIn-depth discussion of the core issues of phraseology, language variation and translation, legal translation and translation technology in Arabic and English translation Authentic sample texts in each chapter, taken from a variety of sources from across the Arabic-speaking world to provide snapshots of real-life language useSource texts followed by examples of possible translation strategies, with extensive commentaries, to showcase the best translation practices and methodologiesA range of supporting exercises to enable students to practise their newly acquired knowledge and skillsInclusion of a wide range of themes covering both linguistic and genre issues, offering multidimensional perspectives and depth and breadth in learningList of recommended readings and resources for each of the topics under discussionComprehensive glossary and bibliography at the back of the book. Lucid and practical in its approach, Arabic-English-Arabic-English Translation: Issues and Strategies will be an indispensable resource for intermediate to advanced students of Arabic. It will also be of great interest to professional translators working in Arabic-English-Arabic translation.

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