The Pocket Guide to Every Child Matters
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The Pocket Guide to Every Child Matters

An At-a-Glance Overview for the Busy Teacher
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The aim of this pocket guide is to provide an at-a-glance overview and insight into Every Child Matters for busy trainee, newly qualified and experienced teachers, working with pupils in a range of educational settings, who want a quick point of reference in order to know how:the concept, aims and principles of Every Child Matters influences their practiceto develop a shared vision and ethos for Every Child MattersEvery Child Matters policy informs practiceto develop effective teamwork and collaborative partnership workingto embed Every Child Matters outcomes in personalised learningto monitor and evaluate the impact of Every Child Matters at classroom level.Pocket Guide to Every Child Matters is an invaluable, good value, user-friendly resource for all busy Children's Workforce practitioners, working directly with pupils in classrooms, offers practical tips and guidance, effective strategies, models of good practice and signposting to further sources of information. It features step-by-step advice, useful checklists and templates which can be customised to suit the context of a range of primary and secondary phase educational settings.
List of Figures and Tables Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction 1. What is Every Child Matters about? 2. Developing a vision and values for Every Child Matters 3. Implementing Every Child Matters in the classroom 4. Monitoring and evaluating the Every Child Matters outcomes 5. The Every Child Matters team in schools and other education settings Every Child Matters Jargon Buster Useful websites References and further reading Index

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