Regional Planning for Open Space
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Regional Planning for Open Space

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Arnold van der Valk
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Reviewing the limitations of various planning options, this book addresses the debate on how to preserve open space in the context of a growing metropolis. The importance of open spaces for well-being in urban life is well-established. With case studies on internalization and valuation methods, this book critically examines the liberal discourse that urges the transfer of responsibility for open space from government to the market. European and American expert authors confront political rhetoric with grounded analysis and conclude that the market needs to be combined with governmental efforts. They scrutinize the connection between open space and the planning institutions designed to implement its policy. The book provides practical pieces of insight in how to structure an open space problem, information on what to expect from instruments, and new ideas on alternative approaches.
1. Rethinking Open Space Planning in Metropolitan Areas Arnold Van der Valk & Terry van Dijk 2. Planning and development of the fringe landscapes: on the outer side of the Copenhagen 'fingers' Jørgen Primdahl, Henrik Vejre, Anne Busck & Lone Kristensen 3. Threats to metropolitan open space: the Netherlands economic and institutional Dimension Evelien van Rij 4. Development constraints reduce urban open space: Actual conditions and future requirements in England Steven Henderson 5. Viability of Cross-subsidy Strategies: A Netherlands case study Evelien van Rij 6. Does Proximity to Open Space Increase the Value of Dwellings? Evidence from three Dutch case studies Jasper Dekkers, Eric Koomen, Mark Koetse & Luke Brander 7. Government or Market: Competing Ideals in American Metropolitan Regions Terry van Dijk & Barbara J. Andersen 8. Maintaining the Working Landscape: the Portland Metro Urban Growth Boundary Ethan Seltzer 9. The Impact of Open Space Preservation Policies: Evidence from the Netherlands and the US Eric Koomen, Jacqueline Geoghegan & Jasper Dekkers 10. Spaces of Engagement for Open Space Advocacy: A Grounded Theory on Local Opposition in the Netherlands Terry van Dijk, Noelle Aarts & Arjen de Wit 11. Formalisation of 'open space' as 'public space' in zoning: the Belgian Experience Hans Leinfelder 12. Aesthetic Approaches to Active Urban Landscape Planning: European Exemplars Andrea Hartz & Olaf Kühne 13. Flächenhaushalt Reconsidered: Alternatives to the German Federal Thirty Hectares Goal Benjamin Davy 14. Planning open spaces: balancing markets, state and communities Arnold van der Valk, Terry van Dijk, Willem K. Korthals Altes & Adri van den Brink

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