Self Development for Early Years Managers
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Self Development for Early Years Managers

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Chris Ashman
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Part of the Managing in the Early Years series, this book provides practical advice about management theory and practice. Tracking the career development of a nursery nurse into a managerial role, this book:Clearly identifies and explains the managerial roles of team leader, senior supervisor, deputy and managerFocuses on the sudden change that takes place as you transcend from colleague to bossOffers advice on what is expected from you as you move into a managerial roleprovides case-studies that challenge readers to develop their own views whilst learning about management theorygives Links to relevant Early Years management qualification frameworks and the NVQ and Btec National Diploma in the Early Years.Easy to use and apply, this is a must-have for students, assessors, nursery nurses with an interest in career development into management and anyone working within a early-years environment in a managerial role.

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