Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
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Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Moving From Violence to Sustainable Peace
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Bruce W. Dayton
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This book seeks to examine the causes of escalation and de-escalation in intrastate conflicts.Specifically, the volume seeks to map the processes and dynamics that lead groups challenging existing power structures to engage in violent struggle; the processes and dynamics that contribute to the de-escalation of violent struggle and the participation of challengers in peaceful political activities; and the processes and dynamics that sustain and nurture this transformation. By integrating the latest ideas with richly presented case studies, this volume fills a gap in our understanding of the forces that lead to moderation and constructive engagement in the context of violent, intrastate conflicts.This volume will be of great interest to students of conflict management, peace studies, conflict resolution, ethnic conflict and security studies in general.
1. Introduction Bruce Dayton and Louis Kriesberg 2. Protagonist Strategies that Help End Violence Louis Kriesberg and Gearoid Millar 3. The Contributions of Leadership to the Movement from Violence to Incorporation Margaret Hermann and Catherine Gerard 4. Challenges to Conflict Transformation from the Streets Elham Atashi 5. Useful but Insufficient: Third Party Intermediaries in Peacebuilding Bruce W. Dayton 6. Rhetorical Arts of Praise and Blame in Political Transformation Bradford Vivian 7. From Violence to Political Engagement: Ending Violence, Expanding Political incorporation Terrence Lyons 8. Insecurity and Opportunity in Conflict Settings Gavan Duffy 9. Globalization and the Transformation of Conflict Galia Golan and Adir Gal 10. Mozambique - Renamo Andrea Bartoli, Aldo Civico and Leone Gianturco 11. Revolution deferred: from armed struggle to liberal democracy: The African National Congress in South Africa Tom Lodge 12. The Nepali Maoists: Successful transformation or compliance with a strategic plan? Thania Paffenholz 13. Opportunity Lost: The Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unit (URNG) Michael Allison 14. Mainstreaming the Revolutionaries: National Liberating Action and the Shift from Resistance to Democracy in Brazil, 1964-Present Kenneth P. Serbin 15. Factors Influencing the Level of Violence in the Basque Country Juan Gutierrez 16. The Palestine Liberation Organization and the Oslo Process: Incorporation without accommodation Nigel Parsons 17. Domesticating Tigers: The LTTE and Peacemaking in Sri Lanka Camilla Orjuela

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