New Directions in Restorative Justice
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New Directions in Restorative Justice

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Elizabeth Elliott
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This book addresses a number of key themes and developments in restorative justice, and is based on papers originally presented at the 6th International Conference on Restorative Justice in Vancouver. It is concerned with several new areas of practice within restorative justice, with sections on restorative justice and youth, aboriginal justice and restorative justice, victimization and restorative justice, and evaluating restorative justice. Contributors to the book are drawn from leading experts in the field from the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Part 1: Restorative Justice and Youth 1. Towards Restoration As the Mainstream In Youth Justice, Lode Walgrave 2. Restorative Justice In Schools, Brenda Morrison 3. Achieving Effective Outcomes In Youth Justice: Implications of New Research For Principles, Policy and Practice, Gabrielle Maxwell 4. The Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act and Restorative Justice, Serge Charbonneau Part 2: Aboriginal Justice and Restorative Justice 5. Aboriginal Justice and Restorative Justice, Jonathan Rudin 6. Indigenous Youth and the Criminal Justice System In Australia, John Boersig 7. Gladue Was A Woman: The Importance of Gender In Restorative Based Sentencing, Josephine Savarese Part 3: Victimization and Restorative Justice 8. A Tale of Two Studies: Restorative Justice From A Victims' Perspective, Kathleen Daly 9. Restorative Justice: A Healing Approach To Elder Abuse, Arlene Groh 10. Exploring Treatment and Trauma Recovery Implications of Facilitating Victim Offender Encounters In Crimes of Severe Violence: Lessons From the Canadian Experience, David Gustafson 11. The Involvement of Insurance Companies In Restorative Processes, Melissa Oullette Part 4: Evaluating Restorative Justice 12. Penetrating the Walls: Implementing A System-Wide Restorative Justice Approach In the Justice System, Don Clairmont 13. Restorative Justice In Cases of Serious Crime: An Evaluation, Tanya Rugge and Robert Cormier 14. Evaluating Conferencing For Serious Juvenile Offenders, Inge Vanfraechem 15. Evaluation and Restorative Justice Principles, Howard Zehr

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