The Routledge Handbook of Emotions and Mass Media
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The Routledge Handbook of Emotions and Mass Media

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Katrin Doveling
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The impact of mass media on individuals and society is to a great extent based on human emotions. Emotions, in turn, are essential in understanding how media messages are processed as well as media's impact on individual and social behavior and public social life.Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of emotions within a mass media context, the Handbook of Emotions and Mass Media addresses areas such as evolutionary psychology, media entertainment, sociology, cultural studies, media psychology, political communication, persuasion, and new technology. Leading experts from across the globe explore cutting-edge research on issues including the evolutionary functions of mediated emotions, emotions and media entertainment , measurements of emotions within the context of mass media, media violence, fear-evoking media, politics and public emotions, features , forms and functions of emotions beyond the message, and provide the reader a glimpse into future generations of media technology.This compelling and authoritative Handbook is an essential reference tool for scholars and students of media, communication studies, media psychology, emotions, cultural studies, sociology, and other related disciplines.
1. Emotions and Mass Media: An Interdisciplinary Approach Katrin Döveling, Christian von Scheve, and Elly A. Konijn Part I: Emotions and Mass Media: From Motives and Consequences to Meaning and Measurement 2. The Descent of Emotions in Media: Darwinian Perspectives Frank Schwab and Clemens Schwender 3. From Noise to Nucleus: Emotion as Key Construct in Processing Media Messages Elly A. Konijn and Jelte M. ten Holt 4. Affective and Emotional Consequences of the Mass Media Christopher P. Barlett and Douglas A. Gentile 5. The Measurement of Positive and Negative Affect in Media Research Annie Lang and David R. Ewoldsen Part II: The Entertaining Experiences of Emotions through Mass Media 6. Mechanisms of Emotional Reactivity to Media Entertainments Dolf Zillmann 7. Media-based Emotional Coping: Examining the Emotional Benefits and Pitfalls of Media Consumption Robin L. Nabi, Jiyeon So, and Abby Prestin 8. Tragic and Poignant Entertainment: The Gratifications of Meaningfulness as Emotional Response Mary Beth Oliver and Julia K. Woolley 9. Fear Reactions and the Mass Media Joanne Cantor 10. Media Enjoyment as a Function of Affective Dispositions toward and Moral Judgment of Characters Arthur A. Raney Part III: Mass Media, Politics, and Public Emotions 11. Emotion, Media, and the Global Village Ross Buck and Stacie Renfro Powers 12. Nonverbal Communication, Emotion, and Political Evaluation Erik P. Bucy 13. Disaster News and Public Emotions Mervi Pantti 14. Emotion in Persuasion and Risk Communication Monique M. Turner 15. Creating Fear: Transforming Terrorist Attacks into Control and Consumption David L. Altheide Part IV:Features, Forms, and Functions: Emotions Beyond the Message 16. The Influence of Form and Presentation Attributes of Media on Emotion Benjamin H. Detenber and Annie Lang 17. Effects of Presentation and Editing on Emotional Responses of Viewers: The Example of TV-News Dagmar C. Unz 18. Visual Emotions - Emotional Visuals. Emotions, Pathos Formulae, and their Relevance for Communication Research Marion G. Mueller and Arvid Kappas 19. Reactive and Reflective Responses to Mass Media Gerald C. Cupchik Part V: Emotions and Next Generation Media 20. Using automated facial expression analysis for emotion and behavior prediction Sun Joo Ahn, Jeremy Bailenson, Jesse Fox, and Maria Jabon 21. Emotionally-Resonant Media: Advances in Sensing, Understanding and Influencing Human Emotion through Interactive Media Jonathan Gratch 22. Virtual Interface Agents that Adapt to User Emotion and Interest Helmut Prendinger and Mitsuru Ishizuka Subject index

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