Introduction to Building Procurement
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Introduction to Building Procurement

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Brian Greenhalgh
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The procurement stage of the building process is critical to the success of any building project, and as such must be understood by everybody entering the industry. Introduction to Building Procurement is designed to familiarize the novice with the principles and methods of building procurement, starting at the most basic level.With chapter summaries and tutorial questions provided throughout the book, the reader will get to grips with the following topics: the structure of the construction industry the nature of clientsthe historical development of building procurement methodsthe roles and responsibilities carried out in any project.Having developed the necessary background knowledge, the reader is then introduced to the more complex aspects of procurement in detail, such as:methods of paying contractors the main procurement routes in usestandard forms of contract.The concluding chapter discusses emerging procurement trends, and speculates on future developments to bring the reader right up to speed with the modern industry. With its clear layout and highly accessible approach, Introduction to Building Procuremen is the perfect introductory text for undergraduate students and professionals starting out on a career in quantity surveying, construction project management or construction commercial management.
1. Introduction and Nature of the Construction Industry 2. Clients of the Construction Industry 3. Historical Development of Building Procurement Systems 4. Roles Carried Out in a Construction Project 5. Tendering and Payment 6. Separated Procurement Systems 7. Project Specific Procurement - Overlapping Roles 8. Project Specific Procurement - Integrated Roles 9. Long Term Relationships - Partnering 10. Long Term Relationships - Framework Agreements 11. Public Sector Projects 12. The Selection of Building Procurement Systems 13. Future Trends

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